Lofi Girl Cyberpunk Edition (EN)

An illustration made for Reddit

This was my take of the lofi girl, but with a Cyberpunk 2077 twist.

During August of 2020, the subreddit r/europe held a drawing competition. They asked artist from all across Europe to draw their countries version of the Lofi girl.

What is Lofi girl?
Well, it’s an illustration of a girl studying, made famous by the illustrator Juan Pablo Machado. She is the face of the Youtube channel ChilledCow and their live stream of lo-fi hip hop beats – music that many find nice to relax or study to.

Lots of countries participated and I started making a Norwegian version myself. But someone had gotten a head start and, as I was colouring my illustration eager to share it with the community, I saw that a user had postet their version already. Now, I could have still finished mine and posted it. Some people even asked me to do so. But instead I decided to start from scratch, giving a new spinn to it.

I was really looking forward to CD Project Reds game Cyberpunk 2077, so I decided to make a version based on material, footage and information that had been released. And since I’m a fan of the studio and their games, I decided to hide lots of easter eggs in there. Some from games, and a few that just felt natural to add in.